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  1. CK

    Apple Music is now lossless at no extra cost

    Don't know about you cunts. But I had tried Tidal and it's shite, the app is anyway.. Mainly used YouTube Music with a family plan because sharing is caring. But since I became an iDick I got a sub to Apple One which included Apple Music. Oh also have a seedbox with a plex subscription and a...
  2. CK


    5th for me FUCKING HELL that’s some SEO lol
  3. CK

    The Georgfry Floydstein Autonomous Memorial Thread

    Things are getting a little spicy
  4. CK


    Lies!!! I just googled the same and got a load of shite results, i.e. not here 😂 you should try and get Harambe to signup 👻, I’ll keep plugging other locations too. My recruitment drive hasn’t been too successful. You up to much?
  5. CK

    TikTok: confirmed cancer

    Well I’m not surprised, a Chinese company collecting sicking amounts of biometrics on its customers, who would have thought it 😂
  6. CK

    U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either

    So it appears there’s been a briefing about the upcoming “UAP” report. But in brief, it’s not US tech either secret or otherwise. Some cases could be Russian or China, there’s no evidence to suggest it is extraterrestrial but they report can’t rule it out either. These is a video of CMDR...
  7. CK


    JFC my dude, you’ve really got me laughing here, I couldn’t even figure out what to reply. You’re A1 forum persona. Everyone in heaven big into their forums? How did you find here?
  8. CK


    That’s awesome, sounds like you’re having plenty of fun. Do you have music in heaven? Also if you can channel Epstein how did they get you?
  9. CK


    @Georgfry Floydstein how is heaven treating you?
  10. CK

    NSFW Posting pics

    Is pretty easy, straight from your phone
  11. CK

    The-SPS revival [2.0]

    You 2 would get on like a house on fire 😂
  12. CK

    The-SPS revival [2.0]

    Oh dear, I don’t think I could contact him there. Are you an old SPS regular?
  13. CK

    NSFW Derek Chauvin

    I figured you would be more concerned with Tova Noel and Michael Thomas?
  14. CK

    The-SPS revival [2.0]

    That's a dangerous game you're playing lol :unsure:
  15. CK

    UAP disclosure June 2021

    The whole UFO topic is my guilty pleasure where I do let my imagination get the better of me. But since December and the US Gov announced they were preparing a unclassified report on the subject the entire UFO/UAP community has been going wild. The topic is being covered by mainstream...
  16. CK

    The-SPS revival [2.0]

    The name and the avatar are excellent lol thank you for scoping the place out :D How come you’re up so late?
  17. CK

    The-SPS revival [2.0]

    Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier lol
  18. CK

    YouTube links do they work?

    Apparently so, just copy and paste the full link, you don’t need to add tags it seems
  19. CK

    YouTube links do they work?